Pipedream CLI changelog?

I’m wondering if there is a changelog for the CLI. I wasn’t able to find it in the pipedream repo or on this page: CLI Reference. If it exists, could you post it here?


@eaptdudfield not yet, but we plan to open-source the CLI at some point. Internally, we maintain a CHANGELOG for the CLI, so it would be exposed as a part of that.

Was there a specific feature you were interested in learning more about?

Overall, it’s capabilities seems pretty well documented. I’m mostly interested in a quick way to determine when new features have been added (such as ability to upload workflows or the “pd dev” command equivalent for actions).

I do notice that the windows binary version auto-updated from 0.1.X → 0.2.2 I’m wondering if new capabilities were added for that.

Great thanks. We don’t yet have a way to manage workflows via the CLI, but we’re working on early versions of that now! Please follow this issue for updates.

And yes, we would love to ship pd dev for actions, so you don’t have to change the component version each time you make a change. We’re tracking that here.

0.2 introduced the pd init command to let you quickly scaffold new components.

Let me know if you have any other questions!