Payment and Account workflow

Last weekend I built a workflow that works as follows for me to account for payments made by players in a weekly soccer scheme that I run. I have to collect subscription payments from each player online, since I can’t accept cash now

  1. Someone makes a payment into my bank account either by card or bank transfer
  2. My bank triggers a webhook to pipedream - so that webhook is a source. Details of the bank below which is only available in the UK I believe. webhook is JSON
    Monzo API Reference
  3. The workflow reads the person’s name, amount paid, the reference they set (eg their scheme membership ID) which is sent on the webhook
  4. The workflow then updates the person’s account balance on a Google Sheet which I use for all the accounting
  5. They get an email confirmation of their current balance

Previously I had to do all that manually. Really cool - thanks to Pipedream!

Now my only problem is Monzo don’t authenticate their webhooks, which ideally they would - but this is only a personal project so it’s not really a problem.


Very cool, thanks for sharing @mattpjoyce !