Option to configure error handling

I’m receiving errors in my email, which I do want.
But upon examining the errors, they have similar behavior.
I would like to configure certain settings where I could leave these errors out of the notification system and just ignore them.
Specifically the errors I’m receiving are from GET/HEAD methods, which I know shouldn’t work, since it’s a POST workflow.
But when I receive the error notification I have to log in to verify it’s not a true error I need to solve.

Hi @dlom

Great question, going to give you a couple options.

First, solve the error source by adding a Filter to your workflow ignores GET or OPTIONS headers.

Alternatively, you can do it in a Node.js code step as well:

if(trigger.event.method === 'GET' || trigger.event.method === 'OPTIONS') {
   $.flow.exit('Ignoring GET or OPTIONS requests');

You can add additional logic and notification systems by creating a subscription to the $errors channel.

You can learn more about creating Subscriptions here: REST API

We demo’d this in a recent video here: Log workflow errors to AWS CloudWatch - YouTube

But, either way to outright disable notifications in workflows you can disable notifications in the Workflow Settings area:

CleanShot 2022-07-20 at 13.38.37

Amazing @pierce , thanks!

Let me try the options.

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Sure thing @dlom , let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile: