Notion Fields Not Appearing as Prop Despite Being Enabled

It seems that the Status field refuses to appear in Notion. This is odd, because it seems that it is accessible via the API. Furthermore, I have created a Select field to accommodate for this, but that too will not appear in Pipedream as a field. Please reference the screenshot for a visual explanation. I would have to conclude that this is a bug. I have tried to diagnose this myself to no avail.

Hi @brandon, thanks for reporting.

Notion used to not support changes to the status property via API, but I looked at the API reference and they started supporting recently. We published an update to the component, could you update it in your workflow and try again?

Could you also test it with the select property? I was successful in changing the value in my test page.

No difference on the Status field. Do I need to delete the whole component and start from scratch?