Not seeing new Google Calendar events on Trigger Source - new event stuck

Hi, I noticed that my pipedream workflow was not triggered when my calendar event started. I looked into the workflow editor and noticed that events are just not populating in the “Select a different event” box, so it seems there’s an issue with the retrieval of events.

Steps to repro issue:
Link to workflow here
Another one here in a different workspace

  1. Create a new Trigger and select Google Calendar as the app
  2. Select either “New Event Start” or “New Event Created”
  3. Select whichever Google Calendar account you are using > the timer and timezone don’t matter, just select any of the options > go ahead and click “Create source”. The page will load and refresh.
  4. You will now see a new “SELECT EVENT” section with a “Try Now”. Click “Try Now” or click the “Select a different event” dropdown box. The loading icon for both buttons will keep spinning and no event will populate in the “Select a different event” box.
  5. In Google Calendar, create an event for the selected calendar and try step 4 again. The same result will happen.

In contrast, I can see events populating when I select the “New Upcoming Event Alert” source.

What I’ve checked:

  • Accounts are successfully authenticated. I also deleted and reconnected. I even deleted my workspace and started over.
  • My 25 credits were fine before but they’re now exhausted

Am I doing something wrong here?

Hi @nelson.lee, the trigger New Event Created only trigger when the new event is CREATED in your calendar. You can use the New Event Start or New Upcoming Event Alert

I tested the New Event Started source and I see that it still emit event, but the source only emit event when the source is exected at exact time that the event is going to start. So to improve this, you’ll need to set the source to have 1-5 minutes interval so that the event won’t be missed by the source.

I’ve created a ticket here to improve the component here: [FEATURE] Google Calendar - New Event Start source - add Minutes Before prop to emit event for events that are about to start · Issue #8941 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

Hi @vunguyenhung, thanks for taking a look.

I am now sticking to “New Event Start” with an interval of 5 minutes and I am still not seeing any event populating in the test stage of the workflow creation.

However, can you explain how this is related to the test tool? Does this mean that the test event tool is only searching for events after 5 minutes?

@nelson.lee, the UI will show all events as they comming in, new event will be shown as “New” in the UI

You can try to generate a test event to develop your workflow

Hi @vunguyenhung, thanks for the suggestion but that doesn’t sound very reassuring. I get that the generate test event feature is there for testing but having to rely on that tool seems to tell me that either:

  1. the testing tool will never work
  2. there’s something wrong with my connection but I can’t tell why.

I will try testing it out by deploying the workflow and I will keep my fingers crossed. However, if it still doesn’t work, I don’t think I have enough faith to continue trying Pipedream out.