NodeJS Discord Embed Message Referencing Google Sheet


I am new to Pipedream but have managed to make my first two with little issue. Now I am stuck and need your help!

I am trying to make a Discord Embed message post in a channel and I used Discord embed example - Pipedream as my template and managed to get it working with my own images, links, username etc. However, I am wanting to reference a value from a previous step that looks at a Google Sheet (Sheet1, A1) but when I put {{steps.Get_Event.$return_value[0]}} into the appropriate spot I get an error - SyntaxError: Unexpected token (23:13).

How can I reference a previous step’s value within my NodeJs step?

Don’t worry, found a post with a slightly different issue but the answer worked the same way!

{ “embeds”: [“0”] } error sending message with embeds to Discord - Help - Pipedream