No events seen in any workflow (regardless of successful or failed workflow)

My workflows were working fine until recently.

I received an email saying a work flow had and error “TIMEOUT — TIMEOUT” and since then my workflows are behaving strangely.

I have increased the timeout for al workflows to 300 seconds, and have received no further timeout emails.

However, some are successful (e.g. I see a slack message or trello ticket posted), but most are not successful (with no error email received) and regardless of the flow succeeding or not, all of the events for all of my workflows are missing so I have no way of diving into each issue.

Any help resolving the missing events is appreciated!


I created a new workflow which does nothing but returns the success message on a HTTP API trigger and I have validated that the flow is successful in Postman - but still no events appear in the workflow event list.

Is it possibly an issue with my account? Or a larger problem with Pipedream?

Hi there, can you possibly share the new workflow that isn’t working with me so I can take a look at what’s happening? You can click the blue Share button at the top right of your workflow and share with

Hi @droosevelt,

Thanks for the reply, however it seems to be an issue caused by some security software recently installed on my laptop.

We can close this thread

Thank you for the heads up!