Newbie requesting help for Google Sheets and Email notification

I have just discovered Pipedream. I was looking for an alternative to Zapier and IFTTT and someone pointed me to Pipedream.
I have just created my first workflow.
The trigger is, that when a new row is added in Google Sheets, it will send out an email.
The first time I set it up, it was working. But I wanted to fine-tune the email and after that, it did not work anymore.
So I deleted the workflow and also the source and started over again.
But now it is still not working. I already deleted several workflows.
When I create the trigger, as I mentioned, I want it to trigger when a new row is added in a Google Sheet. I have the right account and gave the right permissions.
I chose the “New Row Added (Instant)”
I just have the right account, the right Google Sheets, and the right Sheet.
When I do the test, it is saying that everything is successful.
When I go to the next part, I chose GMAIL
Here I also select the right account. I filled in the email address where the mail needs to be sent to. The body is plain text. Filled in the subject. The content of the email is just some text, saying that a new user has filled in their profile.
When I also do a test here, the email is sent and I have received it.
So after that, I chose Deploy. I can see the workflow in my dashboard.
When I click on it, I go to the next screen and I can see that it is active.
The Inspector tap was empty at first, but when a new row is added to that Google Sheet, it will say Google Shee… New Row #3 in Users (the correct tab name) and it will show the time. But I am not receiving any email notification.
While all tests were successful.
Does anyone have any idea what is wrong or going on?
Again, I am very new to Pipedream and I am not sure yet where I can find things or how some things are named. So please try to explain it in simple steps :slight_smile:
Or maybe you know another way that I can trigger something from Glide Apps.
Many thanks in advance for your time and help.

After posting my question, I just left it and went on with my day.
The next day I decided to start all over again.
I removed all the sources, accounts, and workflows.
I create the new workflow.
During setting it up, all the tests were okay.
After deploying the new workflow, I did a test and to my surprise, it was working.
As far as I can see, I did not do anything different than the day before.
I tested a little bit with the body content of the email and I need to check out some things because it is not working as I would have it to. But that is for later.
I created the second workflow and that one is also working.
The email body content is working better, so later I will check it again.
No idea why suddenly today it is working and yesterday not.
Maybe because it was my first day on Pipedream?
Who knows. :slight_smile:

Hi @winnetherlands2022 ,

You can look into individual steps in a workflow’s results by selecting the specific event and then opening the Logs section in that step.

If this issue does crop up again, hoping it doesn’t, but if it does then open up the Email step’s Logs and that might lead to a potential clue.

If there was an issue while sending the email, it should leave a message there.

But glad to hear you were able to sort it out on the second try!

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Hi @pierce ,
Thanks for the tip.
I had tried to see where I can find the Lgs, but I only was able to find the Logs of the Source. I hope that these are the logs you mean.
I will keep it in mind if it happens again. :slight_smile:

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Hi @winnetherlands2022

Of course, happy to help :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick video that might show this panel more visually: Structure of a Node.js Code Step - YouTube

Not only do Sources have logs, but your individual steps in your workflow have a logs section as well.

This is helpful for trying to debug why a specific action didn’t behave the way you might expect.

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