Newbie question, Discord -> Twitter + Telegram

Is there an api (or apis) of pipedream that verify/check if my discord member has followed my twitter page and joint my telegram channel?

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@douglas2 Do you maintain a mapping between Discord users and Twitter / Telegram users? If you have access to the user’s email, you may be able to identify users across apps, but I’m not sure if the followers endpoints of those APIs return that.

Generally I would recommend referring to the API docs of the apps to see what they support. If you can’t find a clear answer there, try reaching out in the API communities for those apps - they are best able to answer questions about specific APIs!

This may be way out of whack, but my ideal use case is to write a Discord bot, which ask my discord member to provide his/her twitter handle and telegram handle, and by doing so I can use some kind of API to verify if the member is following my page and is in my telegram channel. To be more specific. Sorry for not being very clear in my previous message.

Thanks. We should provide pre-built actions for some of those operations. Try searching the list of actions within each app in the workflow’s step selector menu. If we don’t have a pre-built action to support the operation you need, check the app’s API docs to make sure the API supports it. If it does, you can always make an HTTP request to the API endpoint.