Never Send an Automated Email Outside of Business Hours Again

I finally got around to writing up a blog post about Pipedream!

This gist of this one is that some CRMs (like Hubspot) don’t let you control the frequency of transactional email delivery (Hubspot only lets you throttle Marketing emails, for example). So, in setting up our own manual throttle for transactional email sequences, we discovered a pleasant surprise: we could also solve a 2nd problem – sending emails/sms messages outside of business hours.

Very easily solved with Pipedream: Transactional Emails During Business Hours Only

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Hi @shawn-wm

Awesome write up! I was also curious on how to solve the respect-the-timezone problem and not send notifications during odd hours.

This is a really neat and simple way to solve that problem.

Do you mind if we share this article with our official Pipedream Twitter account and link to it from our Hubspot app page in the Pipedream marketplace?

Yes! Please share! If it helps just one other person, we’ve collectively moved the needle forward.

Hi @shawn-wm before I send out a tweet, do you mind sharing your workflow’s URL?

We are testing the ability to share v2 workflows, I can create a special link to a templatized version of your workflow so others can simply open it to copy this template to their account and connect their Hubspot accounts.

Absolutely. I’ve toggled on the ability for Pipedream to access it for support. Will send over the URL the workflow in a DM.


Ok, looks like DMs are disabled in this forum. No problem, here’s the URL:

Thanks @shawn-wm !

I was able to make a shareable link, here it is:

I tested on my account, looks good.

Confirmed! Let me know when it is shared and I’ll boost the signal on my feeds.