Missing time zone definition for start time

I want to send Outlook Calendar’s events to Google Calendar. The events were created successfully but the timezone of Outlook is auto-setting UTC. I’ve changed to Asia/Bangkok but it doesn’t work and appeared the message in Google Calendar event this message
"Missing time zone definition for start time.
at global.handleError (/var/task/common.js:39:40)

Please help.

Hi @thanhhm118

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

Can you share the steps code or configuration you’re using to format the date? As well as the configuration of the Google Calendar step?

Hi Pierce, thank you for your response.

Here is Outlook: Screenshot by Lightshot
I’ve changed to UTC to Asia/Bangkok, but it kept changing to UTC.

And here is Google Calendar: Screenshot by Lightshot

Many thanks

Also, I tried to add “timezone” to “Event start date”.

And the result was “Bad request”

Many thanks,

Thanks for the screenshots @thanhhm118

Based on the descriptions in the fields for the Google Calendar step, I believe the issue is that the step is expecting dates in the format of yyyy-mm-dd when you have explictly set the Timezone option in the step.

Here’s an article that shows to make a Node.js code step that will format Times to dates:

I would try formatting your Outlook dates to the format that the Google Calendar step expects. That might solve the issue.

Right now it appears that the entire date + time + timezone offset is added.

Thank you a lot. Truly, I am not engineer, so that I couldn’t handle it. So, basically, I am going to format outlook and google calendar in its own app, or in Pipedream?

Hi @thanhhm118

You’ll need to format the dates incoming from Outlook into a format the Google Calendar expects within your workflow. I recommend using code steps for this.

If you need professional assistance, you can contact a Pipedream Expert to help you with this workflow: Connect with a Pipedream Partner