Iterator / Loop for multiple components, steps, actions

I’d like to create iterations of sequences of components.
So I have the following workflow:
Scheduler - Node Code Run ( setting up some dynamic Twitter query parameters ) - Twitter Advanced Search ( it has a return value say a 100 elements array of objects ) -
and in an Iterator / Loop for every each of the 100 tweet objects: - Node Code Run ( further processing tweet data ) - Google Sheets Add Single Row ( END of Loop)

What soliutions I found creates a Loop only inside a step, but this is not my case !

I think it would be a very important PD feature to easily be able to create a Loop for arrays and being able to run a sequence of PD steps inside them!

Hi @vanetreg I agree and really appreciate the feedback.

Better control flow controls including loops & branching logic is part of an ongoing issue described here:

We’ll close out that issue as soon as this is released, and I know we’ll be making a big annoucement about it when it does arrive.

Please feel free to leave a comment on that thread and react to it so you receive real time updates and let your opinion be heard!