Issue with Connecting Twitter API Key to Pipedream Workflow

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Hey folks, just wanted to flag that I’m also see this bug blocking some production workflows on our side; have a Twitter API key and secret provisioned, but unable to connect our Pipedream workflow: [BUG] Twitter broken (but it's Musk's doing) cannot use API keys to access · Issue #5953 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

Hi - yes the official Pipedream Twitter integration has been shut down by Twitter. We are coming up with a set of instructions to help migrate to your own Twitter app instead.

There will be a wider announcement when we have the details ready.

is there an ETA on fix? Appreciate the assistance!

No sorry, not before the weekend. The team is still working on a alternative bring-your-own-auth solution for Twitter

any update here? Thanks in advance!

Tracking the updated bug here: [BUG] Not able to connect to Twitter API · Issue #5975 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

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any update on this Twitter API fix? Appreciate any assistance!

Hi Beth, sorry for the delay — yes we released an update to our Twitter integration last week. Broader communication to everyone is coming asap! You can go ahead and re-connect your account and follow the instructions in the prompt. You’ll need to ensure that you update the version of any Twitter action you’re currently using, and re-add any Twitter source.

Please let us know if you run into any issues!