Is There an Easy Way to Collapse All Steps?

I wish there was a keyboard shortcut or right click menu option or something that would allow me to collapse all the sections of all the steps. Often I just want to look at the code of one step and the outputs of other steps, but other sections take up space and get in my way. I keep having to click a bunch of little triangles to close everything down so I can just see what’s relevant to the task at hand. I’d rather close everything in one click and then open a few sections as needed.

I’d also love a side menu that would let me jump from one step to another instead of having to scroll up and down until I find the one I want. It can be tricky to tell at a glance while scrolling if I’ve gotten to the step I want. Much easier if I could just click its name from a menu and instantly jump there.

Hi @CelesteBancosHP - welcome to the community and thanks for the feedback! It’s actually very timely as we’re actively working on an updated experience for the workflow builder and the issues you raised are definitely on our radar! If you’re open to it, I’d love to connect over Zoom to learn more about your workflow development process (feel free to book some time on my calendar via Calendly).

You can also +1 this issue on Github: