Is There a Volume Discount Scheme Where Using 103K Credits Costs Less Than Using 98K Credits on the New Plans?

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I’d like to clarify something regarding the volume discount on the new plans:

• If we use 98K credits, that will cost $490 in total
• But if we use 103K credits, the price will go down to $412 in total?? :thinking_face:



That would make it worthwhile to burn some extra credits at the end of the month. :joy:

Or does the price per credit only applies to that “portion” of credits (kinda like income taxes)?

So $0.004 per credit would only be for those credits above 100K, and prior credits would be more expensive.

Hi Macro, yup.

The discount is based on where you end the month at.

Most customers work with us on an annual usage commitment to help lock in specific usage tier rate and also better pricing.

In your example, you could contract at 100k to avoid the higher rate should you end the month at 99k credits :slightly_smiling_face:

And it applies to all usage not the incremental.

We used the same tax analogy here when discussing how to approach it.

Awesome, thank you! :pray: