Is the Permission Level Sufficient to Use the Discord API Method?

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I’m trying to use a method of Discord API, but I’m getting an Unhautorized error.

The permissions that I give is enough to use this method?

Are you using the Get Message action for the Discord Bot app? I just tested it, and it worked for me.

I will take a look again

But I need to use the Discord Token, not the Discord Bot Token. Discord Auth currently have the

I might be wrong, but I think that’s going to require the Discord Bot Token. What I would do for getting the message content is follow up the Reaction Added source with a step containing the Discord Bot - Get Message action.

So the ideia is create an source and add an extra step only to get the message?

I guess. Unless there’s another way to get the message content from the webhook.


What you thing about all this?

Sorry, what is this for? What’s the context of what you’re trying to do, Lucas?

When receive an New Reaction event from Discord don’t have the message object inside, so the task is to get the message from the messageId using this endpoint, but this endpoint just work with the Discord Bot token, not the Discord token.

So, the ideia is in this specific event ask to user put an Discord Bot token to get the message and add to the emit event body. OR user can use two steps to get this message.

Other option is Discord OAuth don’t have the scope and because of that we can’t use the endpoint with the Discord Token, but I’m not sure about that.

We have the New Message trigger for the Discord app though, and I can see the message content

So the message content should be accessible I would think

The Discord App’s kinda weird in that most of the work takes place behind the scenes through an AppHook, channels prop, and sendMessage method. We can get the message content through the Discord-Bot app, but I think that adding a call to retrieve the message content within the Discord App would require updating the back end.

Let’s punt on that for now. did this come from a customer?

Yes, Message data missing in Discord reaction trigger

@UR84EMEUT Sorry, what exatly I need to do?

Add a call on Discord backend or the customer will create a new step with Discord Bot to get the message?

Ah okay thanks, yea the user will have to add a step to get the message content for now.