Is the Issue in My Recorded Video a Bug?

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please help - I recorded a video with my issue - is this a bug?

Hi , I’ll try to reproduce your issue and get back to you soon

Thank you!

, in the mean time, would you mind sharing screenshot of the Inputs tab under your action?

Click into this one

I couldn’t seem, to reproduce your issue. It seems that the variable are passed correctly for me as the image below

can we jump on a zoom call

So I can show you

here is a video with more details

I see , this behavior is quite weird. I will check this and get back to you


Hi , I checked and see no obvious issue with your workflow, I will escalate this to a Pipedream engineer for this issue.

Would you mind accessing your project settings and enabling Pipedream support to access your project (images below)? Finally, share your workflow URL here?

Thanks. Access has been granted. Here is the url:

Thanks , I’ve escalated to the Pipedream engineer :pray:

Hi , in the prop could you try this instead?

{{ steps.trigger.event.query.number1.toString() }}

same issue is happening

that did not work