Is project github sync broken?

Created a new project and a new simple workflow inside it

  • activated Github sync via Oauth, the repo was successfully created with a readme
  • when committing changes or merging into production, there is no change in, either on the production branch or development branch
  • when adding a datastore in the step config, the Python step is unable to retrieve the datastore when running in prod (it works in testing) and the datastore disappears from the config after every production merge

Also it’s impossible to delete a workflow within a project

(Note: I subsequently created the same project without Github Sync via Oauth. Everything is working fine without Github Sync).

Thanks, same was happening to me. GitHub sync, active branch with committed changes, datastore as a second step.

The datastore step was not being activacted.

Thanks to you comment, I removed the GitHub connection. Completely lost the branch. I rebuilt my simple workflow and now it works.

FYI this is fixed!
You’ll have to make a change and merge to production for the data store to show up