Is it Possible to Retrieve Workflow Execution Logs Beyond the 1000 Event Limit for Workflows with an HTTP Trigger (id = p_dDC7qbr)?

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Hi. I’m aware of workflow event history limitation (1000 last events on v2 workflows I guess). But is there any way one can execution logs beyond that limit? Not sure if this is relevante but the workflow has a HTTP trigger (id = p_dDC7qbr). Thanks!

We’re working on a feature right now that will let you view execution history across all workflows, beyond the 1,000 execution limit! ETA likely within the next couple of months.

That’s really awesome news! Meanwhile, I’m assuming there is no way. Lmk if actually there is.

Not today. The logs are deleted from our system as soon as we reach the 1,000 limit per workflow. You can always archive your own data (e.g. any logs / step exports from steps) to external storage like S3 if that would work for your use case