Is it possible to connect a text messaging API to Pipedream for seamless integration and automation?


can anyone please tell me if is it possible to integrate third-party text messaging API with Pipedream to do automation in messaging?

Your suggestions and answers would be appreciated.

Hi @raj1,

You can request for a new app using this link. Please fill in the answer for all of the questions

Hello vunguyenhung,

Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate that.

But with this link can I send automated text messages with regular time intervals?

Hi @raj1,

To connect a text messaging API to Pipedream, you’ll need to use an App (.i.e Twilio) and the an action (Send Text Message). Since I’m not sure which Text Messaging API you’re mentioning, I directed you to the link to request for your app to be integrated to Pipedream

Hello @vunguyenhung ,

Thank you for providing the clarification. I appreciate the guidance you provided regarding connecting a text messaging API to Pipedream. It’s clear that utilizing an Apps like Twilio, Textdrip, etc. and the “Send Text Message” action is a key part of the integration process. Since I didn’t specify the exact Text Messaging API I’m referring to, I apologize for any confusion caused. I will proceed with following the link you provided to request integration for the specific API I want to connect with Pipedream. By submitting the request, I hope to enable seamless integration and leverage the power of the text messaging API within the Pipedream platform.

Thank you once again for your guidance and assistance!