Is a Bug in the Shopify Source Code for "Abandoned Carts" Preventing the Trigger Source from Activating?

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Hey, I think I found a bug in the shopify source for “abandoned carts”.
I noticed that the source was not being triggered, eventhought it should. Following investigation, I think it is being a bug in the code of the trigger source (see image).
, do you think that this is the reason?

Good find. It should be calling getAbandonedCheckouts(). I’ll create a new Github issue for it and post a link to it here.

Thanks ! Is there a temporary fix I can do on my end until the fix is released?

Thanks for reporting! For now you can make the change locally and then publish the fixed component to your account. Take a look at this guide: Quickstart: Action Development

hi , how can I edit a specific source form pipedream? This documentation is for custom actions written from scratch.
The source I want to edit span across several files, is there a documentation for that?

would be ideal to be able to edit the files directly in the source, maybe consider this as a future feature

Ah my bad, here’s the documentation for Sources: Quickstart: Source Development

I can try to move the content of the common file into the editable file in the source, trying now

For sure! We’d love to have every code editable in Pipedream