Increased QPS Quota

Hello Pipedream Team!

I’m looking to have the QPS quota increased for a workflow that is sending data to a pipedream URL. I’m assuming that you’d need the workflow ID(s)? I have a workflow that is fetching the data and then sending the information to a Pipedream URL set up for processing. I’m not sure if both workflows need to have the QPS quota increased, but if they do, can I please get both updated?

Fetching workflow: p_dDClOPa
Processing workflow: p_k2CP2zG

Please let me know if any additional information is required.


Hi Tully,

Thanks for reaching out. I increased both workflows to 50 QPS. Let me know if that works for you.


Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the quick response. Sure do appreciate it.

I’ll check tomorrow morning after the workflow is scheduled to run and see if we experience any 429 issues. I currently have the fetching workflow set up to only push data once every tenth of a second, so this increased quota should take care of that and hopefully allow me to increase the speed at which I release the data to the processing workflow.

I’ll reach out if I run into any issues.