Improve Ticktick API

I wonder if it is possible to improve the options provided by the Ticktick API. The official end points are very limited: for example, you need a project ID to update a Task, but there is no way to search for projects.
Yet, unofficially there appear to be end points that give this information.
For example shows all projects
And this one shows a completed tasks in all projects in a date range

Hi @mottlement

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback - we really appreciate it.

The TickTick components are a recent offering, and there are a few ways we can include this support for filtering.

You can request for specific new actions, triggers or enhancements to pre-existing actions and triggers on our public component board here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

All of our actions and triggers are also open source, you can modify and publish your own versions to your own account or contribute to the registry!

We are open to PRs to component improvements, or you’re welcome to publish components privately to your account.

Thanks. I’ll give that a go.
Step 1, learn Node JS…