I have the result of an API request, how can i pass it back to the webpage it was sent from?

Hello, I am using pipedream to detect a form submission from Webflow. Pipedream then calls an API endpoint (a google cloud function) that runs, and returns an image URL based on the value in the form. The issue I am having is how do i pass that image URL back to the webflow site? I thought the answer would be in the webflow Update collection item API, but it is not. That api only updates the value once the page has been refreshed. The problem I have is that I want to return the image to the same page after form submission, so with no page refresh.
Can someone please help me? I feel like I am hitting a dead end.

Hi @christina.stejskalova,

I’m not sure what is your need, could you clarify further? Images and diagram would help alot.

In the meantime, I would suggest you to watch through Pipedream speedrun series to have more examples

Hello thank you for your response, those videos look super helpful, but I cannot find my exact use case, so I will try again to explain what I want to do with more detail.

I have a workflow that uses Webflow as a trigger, once a form is submitted, I trigger a http request in pipedream that runs a cloud function. All that works great, the problem I have though, is how can I return and display the result of this cloud function back to webflow? There doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to send the response back, and I need to display the returned image on the webflow site.
Here is the result

The problem is, how do I show that result in webflow, the page that has the form so that the user can see it?

And then great, I call the request and get the result!

This is the screenshot of the job, it wont let me put 2 of these up.

Hi @christina.stejskalova, so if the Webflow webhook makes the HTTP request to Pipedream and receives the image URL in the response, it will be able to show the image on your page?

Hmm, that is very interesting. How can I build that? Specifically, the webflow webhook?

@pi how to build a workflow with a custom webhook for Webflow that returns a custom response when it is invoked?

@christina.stejskalova you can try the following steps @pi suggested (through Slack):

To build a workflow with a custom webhook for Webflow that returns a custom response when it’s invoked, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new workflow in Pipedream: https://pipedream.com/new
  2. Add an HTTP trigger to your workflow. This will generate a unique webhook URL that you can use in Webflow.
  3. Add a custom code step (Node.js) after the HTTP trigger. In this step, you can define the custom response you want to return when the webhook is invoked. For example:
await $.respond({
  status: 200,
  immediate: true,
  body: {
    message: "Custom response"
  1. Save and deploy your workflow.
  2. Use the webhook URL generated by the HTTP trigger in your Webflow integration.
    When the webhook is invoked, it will trigger your Pipedream workflow, and the custom response you defined in the code step will be returned.

Docs Link