HTTPS invalid JSON

So I am trying to gather data and see what is coming through in my console but it is saying that I am receiving invalid json from the https webhook step in the workflow. Do I need to change this to a custom code step to push the data through without this error?

Hi @tysonhichman,

You’ll need to configure your workflow to:

  1. Setting HTTP trigger to return a custom response
  2. Add the “Return HTTP Response” action to return a JSON

Yes but what is the specific code I can use to actually push that data back? Or what is the syntax? I cannot find it in the documentation. @vunguyenhung


You can use $.respond in your Node.js code, or you can add the “Return HTTP Response” action to return a JSON

Ok that seems to work but I am still getting an error and I think that it is from the syntax. It is saying that the workflow is sending but there is an internal error.


Hi @tysonhichman,

This is related to your action code. I would suggest you to check you action if there’s any error. I think this need a sufficient coding knowledge to implement. If you’re still unsure that you can implement your usecase, you can:

  1. Read more about Pipedream Node.js document here
  2. Read more about Javascript, especially Node.js part. Also you can watch through Pipedream speedrun series to have more references
  3. Submit a ticket for Pipedream, stating the action on the app that you need
  4. If you have subscribed to Pipedream team plan, you will be added to a dedicated slack support channel
  5. If you’d like to hire a Pipedream expert for your usecase, feel free to use this link: Connect with a Pipedream Partner