! http requests that include '?' are failing - CRITICAL

Apparently since yesterday, for no obvious reason all requests for V2 that URL includes ‘?’ are failing, because of filtering ‘?’ out. That happens for different flows through the node.js module.

const getIpData = await axios({
     method: "GET",
     url: 'https://ipinfo.io/',})
     return getIpData

When looking at requests made - path is without ‘?’ so request is invalid.

example /

This is a big issue, that affects every V2 automation, even new ones.

here is the demo flow (support access enabled) https://pipedream.com/@muiznieks/error-test-p_gYCPewm/deployments

Hi @muiznieks,

Thanks for sharing your workflow.

By default, when you import an NPM package like axios, Pipedream will import the latest version.

Yesterday, the axios maintainer released v1.0.0 of axios.

This is a major upgrade, the prior version was v0.27.2.

You can still define a specific version of axios in an import like so:

import axios from 'axios@v0.27.2'

This will use the older version that does not include this ? stripping from the URL.

Alternatively, you can use the params argument in the configuration to define your query parameters:

// the "params" argument is supported in all versions of axios
import axios from "axios"

export default defineComponent({
  async run({ steps, $ }) {
    const { data } = await axios({
      method: "GET",
      url: 'https://ipinfo.io/<an ip address>',
      params: {
        token: "<your token>"
    return data

Alternatively, you can use the Pipedream axios instance, which we recommend since it gives you more details about errors in your individual steps:

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Thank you, this solved the issue

Happy to help @muiznieks :slight_smile:

For anyone else finding this thread, please see our general announcement regarding the axios v1.0.0 release here: Axios v1.0.0 Release - Breaking changes and solutions

Here is the issue opened on the axios public issue tracker for this specific bug: After upgrade to 1.0 GET request fails · Issue #4999 · axios/axios · GitHub

Please refer to their bug tracker for other v1.0.0 issues with axios.

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