How to Upload a Video from Google Drive to YouTube?

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Hi Team,
I tried to upload google drive video to youtube . Couldn’t get the file in the google drive “find file” action response .

I tried to give the google drive file URL in URL path but that also didn’t work.
How can I upload google drive video to youtube ?

can you help?

Seems like Pi has some other things to do first. Hi , the Youtube File URL expects a public download URL which Google Drive find file action didn’t provide.

I would suggest you use the Google Drive Download File action and put the file tmp path to the File Path prop. Please see the example in the image below

Of course, I’m here to help! To upload a video from Google Drive to YouTube, you’ll need to download the video from Google Drive to your local system first, and then upload it to YouTube. Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to upload videos from Google Drive to YouTube. However, you can automate this process using Pipedream. Here’s a basic outline of how you can do this: 1. Set up a Google Drive trigger in Pipedream to watch for new files in a specific folder. 2. When a new file appears, download it using the Google Drive API. 3. Upload the downloaded file to YouTube using the YouTube Data API. Please note that this process requires handling large files and making sure that the file types are supported by YouTube. If you need help setting this up in Pipedream, please provide more details about your use case so I can assist you better.

Hi & @U03CXTHK4RF,
Thanks for the info . I have one more question.

How can I remove the downloaded file from /tmp directory and How long a file will remain in the /tmp directory ?

In Pipedream, files in the /tmp directory are automatically cleared after your workflow run completes, so you don’t need to manually delete them. As for how long a file will remain in the /tmp directory, it will stay there until the end of the current workflow run. Once the run is complete, Pipedream automatically cleans up these files. Please note that the /tmp directory is ephemeral and should not be used for long-term storage. If you need to persist data across workflow runs, consider using Pipedream’s key-value store or an external storage service.