How to Trigger Events in Pipedream for New Contacts from Cliniko to Enter Highlevel?

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Hi guys, I am looking to integrate Cliniko with Highlevel using Pipedream, I can understand finding my API keys and linking the apps but I am not sure how to trigger the events so that new contacts on Cliniko will enter into Highlevel, would anyone be able assist me with this?

Hi Alexander, it doesn’t appear that Cliniko offers webhooks. But if they do, then that would be one possible way. Then you could make a workflow that accepts the webhooks by an HTTP trigger.

However, from what I can see in the Cliniko documentation, they do not support webhooks.

In that case, a Source will need to be developed. That allows you to have a Cliniko trigger based on new Appointments, Contacts, etc.

To build your own, see our Source Development Quickstart.

Otherwise you can open an Integration Request within our support page here: Support - Pipedream

Then our integration developers will build the trigger for this system.

Make sure to be specific about the trigger you’re looking for, and include the Cliniko API documentation in your request:

Thanks a lot Pierce, I will send it over to the support team. Thanks!

Sure thing :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw your request come through, and you can subscribe to it here for follow up from the team:

They might ask you more questions, because the integration request is supposed to be dedicated to a single app. Not for the entire integration of two apps.

I would recommend clarifying with a comment here:

  1. Which Cliniko event you need supported as a trigger
  2. Separating your GHL action request as a different ticket

For Cliniko I am looking to trigger once a new contact is created (old or new) through an appointment booking

Thanks for clarifying, but I would recommend commenting on that thread I just shared a URL to. The developers look there for the conversation, also conversations here on Slack don’t live for too long.

Will do.

Thanks Alexander :slightly_smiling_face: