How to simply retweet a tweet that mentions a certain hashtag?

I have no idea what all the stuff is in the action. I just want to retweet a tweet that mentions a certain hashtag. When I went to build it it a crazy, crazy overcomplicated. Can anyone simply tell me how to retweet a tweet. It didnt even come up as an option, and the action labelled “post a tweet” had all kind of crazy codes I have no idea about and there was no explaination for any of it.

Hi @thewizardofwicacy , I just published a Retweet a tweet action. If you add a new step to your workflow, select the Twitter app, and search for “retweet”, you should see it in the list:

Take a look at this example workflow. If you click the Copy button at the top right, you’ll be asked to configure a new Search Mentions trigger. Enter your hashtag as the Search Term.

Then, in the retweet step, enter {{steps.trigger.event.id_str}} as the Tweet ID.

Each time Pipedream finds a new tweet with your hashtag, this workflow will run and retweet that tweet.

Let me know if that helps and if you have any other questions.

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Wow thank you💙

Thank you for your help, unfortunately, I tried setting it up from my mobile device, but it would not let me paste the string into the field, and did not want to click back and lose my work, so I put it off until I could get to a pc, but by that time all my usage was somehow exhausted. But thank you for your help.

I responded to your email, so let me know if that helps. Here are the details, for others who encounter this issue:

When you set up your Twitter Search Mentions trigger in the workflow, this creates what we call an event source. We have to poll Twitter for new tweets matching your search term, and that’ll run every few minutes by default, charging you an invocation each time we check. Even if you don’t finish setting up your workflow, this runs in the background.

I’d recommend visiting, clicking on your Twitter source, and visiting the Configuration tab. You can reduce the frequency of the source there so that you’re only polling for tweets once an hour or once a day (for example) - whatever works best for your use case. That way, you won’t incur as many invocations. Running the source once an hour would check for new tweets once an hour, and only charge you 12 invocations per day, well below the invocation limit of the free tier.