How to send custom response to Ethernet Module from pipedream

I am using Ethernet which has a IP address
I have send(HTTP POST) a string to pipe dream using a endpoint and it is getting posted with timestamp . Now i want to send(HTTP GET) a custom response to my Ethernet from pipedream if write in pipedream it should come to my Ethernet

Thanks in advance

@levisysargus Thanks for reaching out. I’m having trouble understanding the specific question / implementation. Would you mind clarifying exactly what you’re trying to do in more detail?

Hi Dylan
Thanks for getting back to me
i want to send a text(eg: abcdef) to my Ethernet which has a IP address from pipe dream
Actually i am sending a text to pipedream from ethernet and i was successful in sending
if am not clear please let me know
thank you

how can i send char or integer (eg - abcdef or 123456) to external ip address from pipedream
please give your input on this
thanks in advance

if am not clear i am sorry

Take a look at these two resources, and let me know if that helps: