How to retrieve a row by row number in Google Sheets?


I’m really stuck trying to retrieve data from a specific row in Google sheets.

In one workflow I am retrieving a list of row numbers from a Google Sheet.

Then I made an array to send each row number to another workflow using the HTTP endpoint.

In the other workflow I need to use the row number to get the data from a specific cell in that specific row.

How can this be achieved in Pipedream?

Thank you


Hello Anthony,

I believe you can use the Google Sheet action: “Get Values in Range” to retrieve data from a specific row

For example, given a Google Sheet “Contracts Template” here

I created a following test workflow, with the Google Sheet action: “Get Values in Range”

In the action I configure the Range with value 2:2 which is the A1 Notation indicating “Row 2”. (For more detail on A1 Notation, you can refer to this doc), as you can see in the action result, it contains all values in the cells within that row.

Please let me know if my answer don’t make sense to you. If you have any question you can reply me here or ping me on Pipedream Users Slack @Leo


Wow, what an amazing response @vunguyenhung !

Thank you for taking the time to provide the solution. I didn’t know about the A1 Notation for rows so that’s a gap in my knowledge filled. Thank you again!

Best regards,