How to integrate Auth0 with adalo app?

How to integrate Auth0 with adalo app?
I have tried but it does not seem to work

Hello @nikhilanand, this needed Pipedream team to integrate. I have created a Github issue here to track it.

Are there specific actions, or triggers, you’d like to see for this app?

I am currently developing an app in adalo for my organisation and i have to give a feature of SSO for the users so i think integration of Auth0 with adalo app can help in that case.

@nikhilanand Thanks for your information. I guess it is okay to proceed with the OAuth integration with Adola first to match your needs. Please subscribe to the Github issue here for updates on this :pray:

Apparently OAuth is not supported on Adalo yet, see Oauth for Signup - #3 by James_App_Maker - Get Help - Adalo