How to Input Comma Separated String as List of Tags When Uploading a YouTube Video?

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Hi Team,

I need to add tags when upload a youtube video.
I have all tags as a coma sparated string eg- “heat rash,baby dehydration,baby sunscreen,baby swimming”.

How can I input coma separated string as list of tags ?

Hello, You can convert a comma-separated string into a list of tags using JavaScript’s split method. Here’s an example: const tagsString = "heat rash,baby dehydration,baby sunscreen,baby swimming"; const tagsArray = tagsString.split(","); In this code, tagsArray will be an array of strings, each string being one of your tags. You can then use this array when uploading a video to YouTube. Please note that the actual implementation might vary depending on the specific YouTube API you’re using. If you’re using a Pipedream workflow, you would place this code in a Node.js code step before the step where you’re uploading the video, and pass tagsArray to the upload step. Let me know if you need further assistance!