How to Fix Workflow for Empty Cells in Notion to G.Sheets?

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Notion to G.Sheets. I observed when a cell is empty, the workflow doesn’t work for that particular row. How can correct this? Thanks

> the workflow doesn’t work
Hi , would you mind provide more detail on this? What specific action does not executed as you expect?

okay. Give me a sec

Okay, notr

• I am populating my notion db from telegram. [Producer by, name]
• I have created a pipedream workflow to push every 30 seconds to googlesheet

• I observe, if either a cell in produced by column or name column is empty the workflow doesn’t work

below are screenshots of the googlesheet, when the workflow work

How can I modify the trigger codes as shown in the pipedream screenshot to check if empty and accept regardless?


HI , I’m still not sure how I can reproduce your issue.

Could you state the name of the trigger/action you are using? What is the event that trigger your workflow, then what is the expected output?

I think I found a way to resolve this. I’ll get back to you on this Leo. thanks