How to fix 'Cannot find package luxon@3.3.0' error during import?

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I’m trying to import { DateTime } from "luxon@3.3.0"; but I’m getting: Cannot find package ‘luxon@3.3.0’ imported from /tmp/pdee/c_lKfre0Yx/index.mjs

I’m doing this because I’ve noticed some discrepancies between different versions of this library. Is there a way to see which version of a package pipedream loads when I run my workflow?

Hi , I think your question is a great case for Pipedream bot to help. I’ll pass your question to the Pipedream bot now. Please feel free to ask it any question

Currently, Pipedream does not provide a built-in method to display the exact version of a package being used in a workflow. However, you can try using the package itself to display its version. For example, with Luxon, you can use the following code snippet to log the version: ```
import { Info } from “luxon”; console.log(“Luxon version:”, Info.version);