How to Fix an Error that Shows in Logs but Not During Test Run?

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I’m struggling with fixing this error here. While test run says a success, the logs when checked qre throwing some error. Any help would be appreciated

Hey , after trying the code that didn’t work, I think it would be best to have Pipedream action dev team to implement the action for you. Then you can just use it out-of-the box

Would you mind sharing the specific Bubble action that you’re using in clear text?

This is being done with postman at the moment. We’re working on getting the api up and running from our end so that we can integrate bubble eventually.

Which bubble api that you’re using?

it’s a third party api.

We’r trying to build a storage set-up so that through our front end while we record the data, pipedream will share it with the third party so that it can analyse and give us the result

Not sure that I understand what you mean, even if I have saw your video. Could you explain follow this format:
• On Pipedream, what is the actions you’re trying to setup
• What is the 3rd party API that Pipedream can implement and provide the action for your need out-of-the-box?

Hey , we want to integrate our bubble app with a third-party api. We’ll post an audio file.
Through pipedream, we want to trigger this third-party api which will process the file and give us a response that we can further display on the bubble app.
We’re using API Connector to trigger apis.

Through pipedream, we want to post an audio file to the third-party api and then we want to fetch the processed response.
Further, we want to post the response to our bubble app.

Hey leo, thanks for helping giving us your time on our Issue. So basically this is the probelm.:point_down::point_down::point_down:

We made a bubble app that record the user audio, save it in our server and then send to an external API using the bubble api connector(If you don’t know what it is then just think of it as a bridge between bubble and 3rd party API) Where the audio is processed and then throw back scores but the bubble API connector doesn’t support binary data/ file transfer.

Why we want to achieve with pipedream. :point_down::point_down::point_down:

FYI: The audio will be recorded on our bubble app and we’ll only share the audio file hosted on aws server.

We will send the audio url from our API connector to pipedream workflow that then can sedn the file that external APi.

yup, basically aditya and I here are saying the same thing.

My understanding is that on Pipedream, you want to download the file from your server (via AWS S3 presign url), then upload it to another server API right?


that is what we want to achieve.

Also Leo, since we are a startup and can’t discuss everything in openly here where anyone can read it.

I would love it if we can talk in DM’s so that I can openly share what we are doing and how for you to better understand and help us out.

Unfortunately, we do not offer support over Slack DM. For your usecase, I would suggest:

  1. Use Helper action - Download to tmp dir
  2. Having the file tmp dir, use Node.js code to upload to your chosen 3rd party API. It’s depends on the 3rd party API that the method of uploading maybe different, please consult your 3rd API doc for more info

Hey Leo, thanks for this and I have tried to do something with it but I am a No-Code Developer and will need some assistance on how to set up the code to make the API request possible.

Can I expect some assistance from you?