How to Download CSV File from Pipedream to Local Machine without Using GDrive?

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Hi guys,
great to be here on board.
I have created a csv file from some data in pipedream - I’d love to get/download it somehow to my local machine. Does anyone have an idea how to achieve this?
(FYI: uploading it to GDrive doesn’t work as I it ruins some of the options that I have set)
Thanks for any help

Hi Carl - good question. You could use the built in $ helper to send yourself an email with the CSV as an attachment.

Or you could add an HTTP trigger to your workflow to retrieve the CSV file stored in /tmp and return it in an HTTP response.

But I would recommend uploading it to a static file host like S3, Dropbox or Google Cloud. It’s just much easier to maintain a catalog.

Hi ,
Thanks for getting back to me. :slightly_smiling_face:
Email sounds interesting: How does the attachment work exactly? Couldn’t find that in the → docs.

Carl - CSV is a plain text format, with some convention such as comma to separate values, 1st row may have column names, etc.

You can load the text into memory, say, a variable, and use that as the body of the email

I might have misremembered, sorry Carl. We can handle incoming email attachments, but you’re right I don’t think we have attachment support for outbound emails.