How to Correct the Firing Order of Workflow Steps in a Newly Created Workflow?

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I created a workflow in which I added steps in between that weren’t there previously. Even though the workflow looks linear and in the correct order, it is actually firing in the order in which I created the workflow steps. How do I resolve this?

To resolve the issue where your workflow steps are firing in the order they were created rather than the linear order they appear in, you should try the following steps: 1. Reorder the Steps: Ensure that the steps are visually in the correct order in the Pipedream UI. You can drag and drop steps to reorder them. 2. Deploy the Workflow: After making any changes, make sure to deploy your workflow again. This ensures that the latest changes are applied. 3. Check Step Dependencies: Ensure that there are no dependencies or conditions that might be causing the steps to execute out of order. Each step should logically follow the previous one. 4. Review the Workflow Logs: Check the logs for each step to see the order in which they are being executed. This can help identify any issues. If the issue persists after trying these steps, you can reach out for further support: - Visit Pipedream Support for more support options. - Search the Pipedream community or the Pipedream GitHub repo to see if anyone else has encountered and resolved a similar issue. If you need more detailed assistance, please provide additional information about your workflow, such as the specific steps involved and any conditions or dependencies you have set up. This will help in diagnosing the issue more accurately.

could you please file a support ticket at Support - Pipedream?