How to Connect Slackbot to Slack and Handle Authentication within Pipedream?

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Hi everyone :wave:

I cannot connect account slackbot to slack

Here’s the issue I’m facing

Has anyone here tackled something similar or could provide tips on handling Slackbot authentication within Pipedream? The documentation has left me a bit puzzled and I could really use some help getting past this obstacle.

I appreciate any insights or examples. Thanks in advance for your time and support! :pray:


, have you created your Slack App via this link?

Where in the document got you troubled?

It looks like this it likely a bug that’s impacting more than just Slack bot. We’re working on it now. Swen, you can try saving the account anyway and seeing if it works in the builder.

Indeed, it still works despite the error. thanks

FYI this is now fixed, you should be able to test your token or any other auth input when configuring a new account.