How to connect google sheets to webflow

I have a bunch of data google sheet that I would like to upload to webflow CMS. Has anyone done this via pipedream before? If yes, how exactly did you do it?

@john-cf2e4c Thanks for reaching out. Are you comfortable writing Node.js? Here is how I would approach this problem:

  1. Create a new workflow with any trigger
  2. Add a new step, search for Google Sheets, and select the Get Values action:

  1. Configure that action to fetch the data from your Google sheet
  2. Add a new Node.js code step. In this step, you can loop over the rows returned from the Google Sheets step, using the Webflow JS client to upload the data you need to Webflow. You can connect your Webflow account to this code step so that you have access to your account’s API key.

Let me know if that helps!