How to add DM into trigger?

I’m newbie with pipedream and I’m investigating for my twitter’s DM webhook didn’t arrive, how to add DM into trigger?

Hi @devptdigital

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

I assume you’re using the Twitter Developer App - New Direct Message trigger for your workflow.

Are you seeing any logs at all in the workflow? If not, could you check the Sources area and open that specific Twitter Direct Message source you created and see if the logs there give a clue?

I use the free version Account Activity API and development environment, currently we are facing inconsistently DM webhook delivery from Twitter and we are stuck and don’t know what to do except we can only suspect the free version that we are using now, but we are afraid if we upgraded to Premium ones and the problem still occurs!

Need help.

Thank you so much in advance

Hi @devptdigital ,

Thanks for clarifying, I didn’t realize you were trying to use the Twitter Activity API directly.

It looks like it’s an Enterprise only feature: Account Activity API | Twitter API | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

However, you can utilize our built in Twitter Developer App - Direct Message trigger as a pseudo-webhook.

You can define how often to check for new DMs in your authenticated Twitter account, then the workflow is triggered by new DMs when they’re detected.

Here’s a quick screencast to show how to find this trigger:

CleanShot 2022-03-22 at 10.39.02

Thank you, I have followed the screencast!, but it doesn’t receive it… what I missed?

Hi @winanjayaamijoyo , could you visit You should see your New Direct Message source listed there. Select it, then visit the Logs tab. Do you see anything there?

If not, just to confirm: does your Twitter Developer app have permissions to list DMs for the account you’re trying to retrieve them from?

Hi @dylburger
I didn’t see my DM there, except as enclosed

BTW, I’m investigating why Twitter webhook DM doesn’t arrive into my webhook!, don’t know if Pipedream can help me for this investigation, if I see Pipedream checks every DM every 1 minute (As per my config), but it looks like it doesn’t listening to the webhook… please CMIIW

thank you

Hi @winanjayaamijoyo

Thanks for sharing that screenshot of your source logs, that shows the issue.

It appears that the Pipedream Twitter app has hit its rate limit. Because all Pipedream users are in the using the same app for making requests to Twitter, yours is affected.

We have upgrading to Twitter 2.0 in our backlog, which you can follow here.

But in the meantime, you can create your own Twitter app and use the Twitter Developer App pre-built actions in your workflows. That way you have your own pool of API requests that are separate from the rest of Pipedream users.