How to add data to multiple columns in one row in google sheets

(edit) i just figured out that sending this webook:
“text”: [“a”, “b”, “c”],
“text2”: [“d”, “e”, “f”]
and put text as a value and text2 as a value in the updatespreadsheet values step,
makes sheets put the values of text array in row 1 and text2 array in row 2
So perhaps my question should be how to add an array vertically into a column instead of horizontally in a row.

I want to put 3 string variables via webhook (json format) into row 1, 2 and 3 of column A
How can i do that?
I have tried alot of things, brackets etc, but so far without result
i currently have this:

@whz Thanks for reaching out. You’ll want to format the data from your Node.js step like this:

this.values = [

Google Sheets requires the data you pass to be a “grid” of rows and columns. The outer set of [] brackets defines the start of the grid, and each “inner” set of brackets defines a new row. So if you want each value to appear in its own row in column A, just add a new array as an element of the outer array.

If you wanted a 3x3 grid of values, where each of your three rows had three columns, you’d want something like this:

this.values = [
  ["a", "b", "c"]
  ["d", "e", "f"],
  ["g", "h", "i"],

Let me know if that helps.