How to Adapt Thomas Frank's ChatGPT Summarization Method for Obsidian Using Whisper API and Google Drive?

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Adapted from Thomas Frank’s video about ChatGPT summarizing notes for Notion, I adapted this one for Obsidian. Will watch a folder for an audio file, transcribe with the Whisper API, then send the file back to my GDrive (Obsidian Vault) in markdown format. Prompts in the thread!
Trigger: New file in a specific Google Drive folder

  1. Download file
  2. Create transcription
  3. ChatGPT summarize body
  4. ChatGPT create title
  5. Drive create file from text

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Write a Title for the transcript that is under 15 words and contains no quotation marks

Then write: "---"

Write "Summary" as a Heading 2 (For example: ## Heading)

Write a summary of the provided transcript.

Then write: "---".

Then return a list of the main points in the provided transcript. Then return a list of action items. Then return a list of follow up questions. Then return a list of potential arguments against the transcript.

For each list, return a Heading 2 (For example: ## Heading) before writing the list items. Limit each list item to 100 words, and return no more than 5 points per list.



Write a Title for the transcript that is under 5 words, containing no quotation marks or special characters



Hi @user-1 thanks a bunch for this intiative.
With my little tech knowledge i tried to follow your instructions.
Test both with an mp3 and m4a files.

All good, until step “create_transcription” where i’m getting the following error.
Error - Request failed with status code 400
{“error”:{“message”:“Unrecognized file format. Supported formats: [‘flac’, ‘m4a’, ‘mp3’, ‘mp4’, ‘mpeg’, ‘mpga’, ‘oga’, ‘ogg’, ‘wav’, ‘webm’]”,“type”:“invalid_request_error”,“param”:null,“code”:null}}

PLEASE HELP me finish this.
Thank you!