How to Access Product Images from Shopify New Product Trigger in Zapier and Pipedream

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Hi. Is there a good way to pull images from Shopify New Product trigger? I have very little experience but from my reading it seems they have a hex code that makes access difficult? In Zapier they are available in the format[…]yl-unseen-worlds-744790142426-37315175514358.jpg?v=1656456651 but on Pipedream the format is which is harder to use. Details of how to access the images via their API here: Solved: Re: Where can I find Product image URL in the Shopify API? - Shopify Community

Hello , may I confirm that your needs is to get the public url (that is downloadable from the internet) of the image from the Pipedream Shopify New Product trigger right?

Well I want the actual file so I can add it to the media section of a tweet. I figure if I have the URL I can download it and then upload it to the tweet. In Zap I just use the URL as a source to add media to a tweet so If I can do that here then great, otherwise I can download then uplaod if needed. Apologies. Inexperienced!

I see. for your need I think you can do as follow:

  1. Add the Shopify New Product trigger to your source
  2. (Optionally) Add a Node.js action to get Product image url following the instruction in your shared article
  3. Then use Pipedream’s Helper function - Download File to tmp dir, passing in the Product URL.
  4. After the file is downloaded to /tmp dir, you can use Twitter action - Upload Media (1st image below), passing the path in /tmp dir to your image (1st image below). You’ll got the Media ID after the upload is successfully
  5. Finally, you use Twitter - Create Tweet action, passing the Media ID in the previous action output (2nd image below)

Thanks. I think I found the source of the problem. I have an image resizing app that also renames the image files to be more SEO friendly. Pipedream is getting the original name of the file, but then it’s being renamed soon after.

I have it working! Thanks!