How Effective Was a Custom Components Tutorial with Moxie CRM for Pipedream Users?

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Hello Pipedreamers! Just wanted to share a small but awesome win.

Recently I shared a video where I talked about use custom components with a brand new API, specifically Moxie CRM. Laura left a comment that just gave me the feels. What she didn’t now is that I re-recorded the video a few times because I didn’t want to “scare” people or confirm their fears that APIs are just “too technical”. My time as a dev trainer/instructor, taught me that when people are really confused, their eyes glaze over and they disengage. So I call this a win.

I love that the raw power of automations and APIs is so accessible and that PD is still one of the best tools that makes it easy for people.

BTW, the source code is available here

This is great! Blessing, would you feel comfortable publishing these components to our public repo? We have an open ticket for some Moxie CRM components, and if you’re open to it this would be great so we’re not doubling up on the same actions.

Definitely! I’m working on a few more actions and sources but I’ll make a PR when its ready