How do I Update an Action in the v2 Workflow Builder?

I’m working on a new component action and I created a workflow in the v2 workflow builder to test it out. How do I update the step in my workflow to the latest version of the action, after I publish a new version? I don’t see the little refresh icon that I’m used to from the old workflow builder and I can’t find any other way to update it.

@CelesteBancosHP I’m seeing the update button appear in my step when I publish a new version of the action:

Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 6.41.04 PM

Could you try hard refreshing and try one more time?

If it still doesn’t work:

  • What OS / browser are you on?
  • If you add a new step, then add the action, does it use the latest published version? i.e. is the action successfully getting published?

Not sure what the issue was yesterday, but update button is showing up for me today even without a hard refresh — thank you @dylburger!

And yes, I had been able to add a new step and get the most up-to-date version, I just wasn’t seeing the update button on my existing step.