How do I migrate workflows from my personal account to my organization?

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Mark Nikirk : Hi all, I’m newish with pipedream and have deployed a few integrations on my personal account, but I’d like to move those workflow components over to a team profile (maybe enterprise eventually). I can’t seem to find a way to share workflows from my personal account to my team profile. Is there a way to do this?

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : welcome, I’m happy to help.

Running workflows in an organization above the free limit (66 invocations / day) requires a Team plan. Before we migrate resources, I just wanted to make that clear so that we make sure your workflows continue operating normally. You can upgrade by switching to your org’s context and visiting your Billing settings. Will that work?

Mark Nikirk : Yep, I understand (although 66 seems a bit stingy :smile: )

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : I hear you and I think it’s likely we’ll raise it. The idea is that organizations are meant for businesses, who should be paying to use the product. You still have access to the generous free tier within your personal account… that was the logic, at least, but it’s clear we aren’t effectively communicating that!

I’ll DM you to discuss more details about the migration.

Mark Nikirk : Yeah, thanks for the assist.

I need to migrate my workflows and sources from my personal section to organisation account. can you please help.

@anant Thanks for reaching out. Can you email with the following details:

  1. Your Pipedream username (where your resources currently live)
  2. The name of the organization you’d like to move resources to

When we migrate resources, we migrate everything in your personal account: workflows, sources, environment variables, connected accounts, etc. Will that work for you?

Question about this @dylburger: is there a feature on the Pipedream roadmap that will allow us to take a workflow from our personal account and migrate/export to the org? Or will we need to email support to facilitate migrations in the foreseeable future?

@shawn-wm We’re shipping two things I believe will help:

  1. Self-service full account migrations (moving all resources from your personal space to a target org). This should be out within the next couple of weeks.
  2. A feature that allows you to export a serialized version of your workflow (to a GitHub repo, or via API). Since that serialization will define the configuration of a workflow, it will make it easier to copy resources between accounts in the future. This will be released for testing over the next few months.

For now we are happy to help with anything on our end if needed.

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Perfect! Then I will hold on manually recreating a few workflows for now, and wait to try these features when they ship.

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