How do I create a Woocommerce webhook?

I wish to create woocommerce webhook for all orders for which payment is made with this type of URL:

Question is, how do I add


as delivery URL on webhook data page delivery URL field? (Woocommerce settings → Advanced → Webhooks)

I already have my secret key from payment processor. I only need delivery URL sorted out.

I’d appreciate your kind assistance.

@hovismicro Just to confirm, are you entering this URL within WooCommerce, or trying to enter it somewhere within Pipedream? How are you using Pipedream in this specific scenario?

I wish to enter the URL in Woocommerce.

Ok thanks. I’d recommend reaching out to WooCommerce (or posting on their community forums). They’ll be able to best help address your question.

I understand but can anyone here help?

A few members of our community have experience with WooCommerce, so someone may be able to help. But you’ll definitely get an answer faster if you reach out to the WooCommerce community directly, since they’re experts on that product.

OK, thanks.