How Did I Accidentally Replace a Salaried Position with OpenAI and Pipedream at My Company?

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Hey all,

I did something unexpected today.

I accidentally replaced a salaried position at my company with OpenAI and Pipedream.

I swear I did not mean to!

Our prospection team has been struggling to find a 2nd trainer/coach/QA for the floor. We have our principal which is actively recruiting and training, but their focus is on the new blood and the veterans of the team are left to grow comfortable without any support. We wanted a second to be able to follow up with, coach and help the team grow, keep them sharp and engaged. We never found the right fit and the team was feeling it. They only had people of authority that were not in a spot to coach on the micro level of a single client touchpoint etc.

I was brought this problem and I started tinkering. I hooked up my one drive, wired up a workflow and started feeding our calls to OpenAIs whisper…Then into ChatGPT to be an expert sales coach and look over the transcription to see what was done well and what has room for improvement. It all spits out into a Notion database for easy handling and sharing.

We are now taking down the job posting as all the leadership can easily split the workload to feed calls to this engine and review the results with the team in real time.

I am both beaming with pride, and humbled by what has happened here.

Remember dreamers, with great power comes great responsibility!

Thats so cool, did you use the /tmp directory or direct URLs to OneDrive?