How can I set the path in firebase realtime db?

Hello, I am trying to use the webhook to create realtime db record.
But I am not sure how should I fill the path.
If I have the path is child(“data”).(“history”)
How should I fill it in pipedream?

Hi @jchun1617

Thanks for reaching out. To clearn how to populate prop arguments into pre-built code steps, I encourage you to read our documentation here:

And watch our short video lesson on how to pass arguments:

The path should be firebase path but not pipedream.
But I am not sure how should I fill it correctly.

Hi @jchun1617

Thanks for clarifying, I thought you were asking about how to define arguments to steps.

I believe this documentation might help you find the path required for the Google Firebase Admin SDK - Create Real Time Database Record pre-built action: